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  • The Month In Quotes: April 2017

    As you may have heard, the NFL draft took place last month. And nobody made more noise draft weekend than the Cleveland Browns -- and their spirited new players. read mor ...

  • 2017 NFL Draft Report Card Report

    The biggest trade of 2017 determined both the most and least popular drafts this year. Meanwhile, high-risk draft strategies in Cincinnati, Oakland, and Houston drew strongly mixed reactions from the ...

  • The Future of Football

    Really interesting longform feature over at SB Nation asking how football can change over the next few years in order to reduce concussions and keep the sport going. Spencer Hall has a couple of ...

  • Bills Fire GM Whaley

    What might be a denouement in As The Buffalo Bills Turn came today. The day after the conclusion of the 2017 NFL draft, the team with the longest playoff drought in the league fired general manager ...

  • Audibles: 2017 NFL Draft Day 2

    Your Audibles crew discusses the second and third rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft. read mor ...