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  • NFL Gives Blandino Final Say On Replays

    The NFL is changing the way it handles instant replay reviews. Say goodbye to shots of on-field officials dipping their heads under hoods to look at monitors. Instead, all replays will be viewed in ...

  • NFL Draft: Round-by-Round QB Study (1994-2016)

    Thanks a lot, Dak Prescott. Now more people will think the fourth round is still a gold mine for quarterbacks, but the data says otherwise. The update to our quarterback draft study for 1994-2016 ...

  • 1987 DVOA Ratings and Commentary

    Let's go back in time 30 years, when a four-week player strike threw the entire league into turmoil. We've got advanced stats for both the regular players and the strikebreakers, plus a San Francisco ...

  • The Year In Quotes: 1987

    This companion piece for our 1987 DVOA ratings and commentary takes us back to the Year of the Scab and reviews the strangest stories of one of the NFL's strangest seasons. read mor ...

  • The Month in Quotes: February 2017

    Discussion this time around focuses on the combine, anti-Dallas game plans, insufferable gloating, man-on-wolf combat, and an all-time awkward family photo. read mor ...