Final Fantasy Is The Most Successful RPG Ever Created.

A Final Fantasy infographic for fans and first timers.

In 1987, Square (now Square-Enix) was going bankrupt and hanging on their final string. The company desperately needed something to pick them back up after releasing several unsuccessful games.

Around the same time, lead developer Hironobu Sakaguchi just completed his final game as a last-ditch effort in the gaming industry. If the game was not successful, Square would have no more funds and Sakaguchi would have to go back to school.

The game was originally titled “Fighting Fantasy.” However, the name was taken by a series of RPG books created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. According to Sakaguchi, the team wanted a title with the abbreviation “FF” and the pronunciation of “efu efu.”

Final Fantasy XV

“To be sure, we had our backs to the wall when we were developing Final Fantasy. But really, anything that started with an F would have been fine for the title.”

With fingers crossed, Square released their swan song in December of 1987. The game became an instant hit spawning numerous sequels and the Final Fantasy franchise was born.

Final Fantasy has since branched into other genres and media including films and novels. The critically acclaimed game series is Square Enix’s flagship franchise with more than 115 million total units sold. It is also one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

Final Fantasy Infographic | FFI-FFXV

This infographic covers the main series of Final Fantasy franchise. We excluded Final Fantasy 11 and 14 from the main character list and play times. Both games were MMORPGs with many characters and no real ending.

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