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MartinBlee.com is the official website for Martin Blee. Here you can stay updated on the series of events of Martin Blee and his lifestyle.

Martin Graduated High School in 2003 and than went on to go to College for Visual Communications to become a Website/Graphic Designer. In 2008 Martin had the opportunity to get a shot at what he went to school for and was eager to put his new skills into use. He was designing websites for clients and graphics for websites and was doing excellent work. Martin thought he was well on his way to a stable life. Than in 2010 Martin had his Grandparents living with him and his Grandmother needed chemotherapy & radiation therapy and was taking her to her appointments but later found out he was let go and kept wondering where he went wrong.

A couple years past of Martin applying and applying to jobs as a Web/Graphic Designer but kept getting rejected for interviews or being passed on for jobs. In 2012 Martin decided it was time to think if he wanted to still do Graphic Design as a career. He had many sleepless nights in those two years between what he thought was the best job he had and why no one would give him a shot. After a few months had passed Martin spoke to his mother who was a PCA at Yale New Haven Hospital and talked about how she thought how he would do as a Nursing Assistant. She finally gave him the courage to venture out into the Healthcare field and went to school at the American Red Cross. After the classes and on-site training at a local Assisted Living Facility he was ready to take his state test to be Certified by the state.

Soon after preparing for the state test Martin hit another roadblock. Martin injured his wrist and eventually found out he tore a couple of ligaments in his wrist and due to a broken wrist as a child his Ulnar bone grew longer than was needed. Martin first tried alternative treatments to cope with the pain and with his Grandmother at Hospice he wanted to keep his promise to her that he would take care of others as she did to him for all of his life. In late 2012 Martin had successful surgery to repair the ligaments and shorten his Ulnar bone. He followed the doctors orders and everything went fine and then he sent me to rehab to get my wrist back it’s strength and mobility. After a couple of months of being in casts, braces and therapy he was ready to try to take the State test. Than on June 21st of 2013 Martin took his test and passed the written and his skills tests and was officially a Certified Nursing Assistant. Martin was so happy the first call he made was to his parents to tell them that he had passed and they couldn’t of been more prouder.

In March of 2014 Martin finally landed a job at the VNA Community Healthcare as a CNA/Home Health Aide and has been getting compliments by his clients, supervisors and his colleagues. Almost a year has gone by and even though Martin lives with his parents still and doesn’t do the job all for the money but to keep his promise to his late Grandmother who did everything for him whenever he needed. Martin has decided to go back to school in 2015 to take his pre-requisites to one day go to Nursing School.